Women’s Self Worth

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I remember the days with a baby.. On my own, breastfeeding, no sleep, baby with bad eczema. It was tough.

I had also decided to study nutrition with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition for a number of reasons, the main reasons being to understand food/health more (obvs) and because I also needed to find another source of income as I couldn’t go to work. Due to my babies allergies it made perfect sense.

I lost a lot of weight when I was breastfeeding. I am naturally a slim build, but obviously breastfeeding burns a lot of calories too. I was also totally stressed with a major lack of sleep. It must have been tough work on my body producing all that milk to feed another human being. I stand by my thoughts that it was the healthy eating that got her through it.

This was a really hard point for me (I’ve had a few of them) I felt so alone. I was surviving on about 2-3 hours broken sleep a night, I was studying, I had a baby draining me of all my energy breastfeeding all of the time and I had to do mom duties for my other child too. The school run was not fun after not much sleep.

I didn’t get support. At a time I needed someone, I instead got.. ‘You look ill you’re so thin’, ‘The house is messy, how come you haven’t washed up?’ I waited for.. ‘Let me help you’.. but it never came. I got words like.. post natal depression, depressed and crazy thrown at me. I didn’t feel great in myself, in fact I felt like shit, but shitty unsupportive comments made me feel even worse. It also amazes me that people think it is perfectly acceptable to put down naturally ‘skinny’ people. We all have different body shapes and sizes and it is no ones business to put down any shape or size, whether they are going through a hard time or not!

My favourite one was when family said I wasn’t coping! Not fucking coping??? That was the thing.. I was coping.. with everything.. on my own.. all of the time. I’m human.. sometimes things get too much. The tiredness was unreal. Again I waited for someone to say ‘You must be really tired, go and have a bath, I’ll take care of everything and cook you dinner’…

There have been many times in my life when people have pulled the rug from underneath me, but one thing I’m good at is getting back up. I am my own best friend.

There I am on my knees and I hear the words clearly.. ‘Everything happens for a reason and this is another opportunity for you to grow’..

So grow I did..

I turned my situation into a career. This did not go without obstacles and negativity, but if people are negative towards you then I have learnt that this is because of a few reasons, which are..

  1. They judge you from their own limitations, not yours.
  2. They are afraid of what you will achieve.
  3. They are twats…

I decided that I was sick of peoples shit and that I was going to be the best possible version of myself.

It comes down to a question.. Did I want to continue in a life I wasn’t happy in.. or did I want to be happy?

But you’re a mum.. you can’t have your own dreams now…


Does being a mum and having ambition and wanting a better life make you selfish??


I could never understand this. As our children’s first teachers is it not in all our best interest to create something our children are proud of and to show them that anything is possible?

I am on a mission to show that there can be light after darkness. We are all limitless.

Do not listen to negativity. You are beautiful and capable of anything and everything. It is not your business what other people think of you, happiness comes from within.

You do not have to feel guilty for having your own dreams and goals, for not looking your best all of the time, for having a bad day, for not doing the cleaning, for having beliefs, for having a passion, for crying or feeling sad, for wanting a break from motherhood.. Or anything else you feel guilty about. Let it go.

My health/life/business mentoring comes from the heart. I’ve been at my lowest, there is a way up. We cannot control other peoples actions or thoughts but we can learn how to treat and respect ourselves. I learned self worth the hard way.

If you feel alone, are lacking support and have a burning desire to be the best version of you. Contact me, let’s chat!

Love and Light

Tanya xo

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