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When I was a young girl I would always make concoctions out of flowers. I absolutely loved lotions and potions.

As I got older I would spend so much money on the most expensive creams. Day creams, night creams, eye bag cream, the list goes on. You can probably all relate to this.. And if it costs lots of money, then it must be good right?

If you follow my blog then you know my son has allergies, suffers with bad skin sensitivity and eczema. Ahh man, the nights I’ve spent up all night with a very uncomfortable itchy child. The feeling of helplessness when he’s crying and clawing at his skin for hours is heartbreaking.

I had to be careful of what I was putting on my sons skin, so I was also researching products that were gentle enough to use for bad eczema, I tried many products but I was never satisfied.. This was clear indicator of toxicities in products.

When I started living this healthy food lifestyle, it made me more aware of everything else. You know.. if companies are putting a load of crap into things that we eat, then what else are they putting crap into?

So I started thinking.. Do I really need to use all this stuff? As like food labels that have a load of ingredients that I can’t even pronounce on.. Go and have a look at some skincare beauty products.. it’s exactly the same! So, if I’m using this, this and this then thats a whole load chemicals that I’m smothering over myself that is getting absorbed into my blood stream, which isn’t good!

How many personal care products are you using?

With these many sleepless nights I was having it was leaving my skin looking tired and drained.. As a model too, this was not great!

Anyway.. So now that I’ve woken up to natural living and didn’t want to use loads of products with chemicals in, the more natural the better.. What could I use?


If you want natural, pure, beyond organic products then these are the one! You can read more about the oils here.. (Essential oils) but the beauty products are amazing too! Did you know that Cleopatra used essential oils to make her beauty products? And well… if they’re good enough for Cleopatra…….

The skin care range are made with their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils too. I love them! For example, the facial cleanser contains melaleuca and peppermint so your skin feels so refreshed and clean after.

Essential oils are the original way, it’s what was used many years ago.. They tick the boxes.. Youthful, glowing, anti-aging, cleanse, refresh, rejuvenate, moisturise… They do it all baby AND ITS AU NATURAL!! So what a winner!!

I feel that these products make me glow on the outside and inside as no nasty chemicals are being absorbed.

DoTerra supports my lifestyle and fits in great with health coaching. The high quality essential oils go great with healthy food, lots of water and green juice/smoothies. Our bodies don’t need expensive products loaded with toxins to look radiant. We can do it the healthy way!

Contact me for more info and let’s spread the doTerra love!!

Tanya xo

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