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Hi friends!

This is something I felt I had to write about. When I first started living a more or less vegan lifestyle (more or less meaning that I eat vegan at home but in situations where vegan isn’t available then I will go for a vegetarian option, and I do sometimes eat a bit of chocolate) it was because of my son’s food allergies and because I was studying nutrition.

Plant based food is proven to help against cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other food related disease’s. The world is starting to wake up to this now and more people are turning vegan. HOWEVER.. Being vegan doesn’t necessarily mean being healthy!! Vegan to me is eating plant based and whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, quinoa, brown rice, beans, seeds, smoothies, juice etc. So its more of a plant based diet. A lot of vegan food is processed rubbish. It’s fake food with added nasties.

Vegan cakes for example are still full of sugar. I make my own cakes, usually raw so they are made from things like medjool dates, nuts, seeds, avocado and cacao.. Therefore meaning that they are healthy cakes, and they actually taste way better than normal shop bought cakes. I recently went to Vegan Fest and thought I’d treat myself to a piece of chocolate cake. Bearing in mind that I used to live on chocolate fudge cake, I couldn’t even eat it it was so sweet. My tastebuds have clearly changed and are now used to clean, real foods. It made me think about how vegan can still be really unhealthy. You could try my chocolate black bean brownies as an alternative.

White flour, refined sugar, processed fake meats etc are not healthy. If you check the ingredients on the packets of some of the vegan food you will not of heard of most of the ingredients. Yes vegan means no animals were harmed but why harm yourself too? You don’t want to be eating a shit load of chemicals, preservatives, additives etc do you. If it’s on a supermarket shelf then it’s probably not good for you.

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day. We were discussing healthy food and she said she had swapped to gluten free and now buys more food from the ‘free from’ aisle. Now let me tell you.. All that stuff on the ‘free from’ shelves is crap! Yes it’s free from gluten but the gluten is replaced with loads of usually unrecognisable ingredients and it is still processed and full of sugar.

To help the economy, animals and humans eating PLANT BASED is a much better option!

A few benefits of eating plant based are:

  • Fights disease
  • Less toxicity
  • Saving the planet
  • Money saving
  • Better mood
  • More energy
  • Clear skin
  • Supports animal rights
  • Longevity
  • Helps the immune system
  • Detoxifies the body

There is plenty of protein in things like.. beans, nuts, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, chia seeds, quinoa, spirulina, kale, spinach, hemp seeds, maca, avocado and figs. All of which come with an abundance of other health benefits too.

So when eating vegan, think about what you are choosing to nourish your body with. Don’t just cut out meat etc, you HAVE to replace it with something better such as the things I have listed above.

Help the economy but help yourself too, don’t go for fake food or white pasta and jarred sauces. Go for the healthier option.. For example you could try this perfect pasta sauce.

There are lots of healthy plant based recipes on my website, and if you want to eat vegan, want to be healthier but have a sweet tooth then you could check out my Vegan Sweet Treats recipe ebook. All the recipes in it are healthy, nut, dairy, egg, gluten and refined sugar free.

Peace, Love and Healthiness

Tanya xo


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