Tips for travelling abroad with children that have allergies



Summer holiday season is here! Yippeeeee!! But are you travelling abroad with a child or children with allergies?? If you are.. It’s not an easy task is it!!

My son is allergic to dairy, eggs, fish, nuts and potatoes. It can be hard work catering for his allergies if we go anywhere.

The first time I took him abroad I thought I was really prepared and organised! Ermm.. yeah.. totally wasn’t! He had to just eat pasta with tomato passata, olives and fruit all week. Ok that’s not totally bad food but the same thing all day every day for a week would have been totally boring for him. When we got home he did not stop eating lol.

So.. This time I’m much more prepared!

It’s best to go self catering so that you can cook and prepare stuff easily.

Here are my top tips of things to take with you to make things easier for you……

  • Take a hand blender.. easier to carry in your suitcase than a normal blender, and then you can make smoothies and fresh pasta sauces. Local fruit and veg at markets will be great to use.. experiment with different things. I love the tomatoes abroad!!
  • Pasta, brown rice and quinoa.. then you always have a base for a meal.
  • Nut free trail mix.. Mulberries, raisins, goji berries, inca berries.. easy to carry around in your bag for a snack.
  • TUPPERWARE BOXES!!.. Don’t forget these! I did last time and then couldn’t take anything anywhere!
  • Dairy free chocolate.. for a treat after dinner..
  • Crackers.. ie Ryvita, superfood crackers.. These are easy to put in your bag and take out, you can easily mash up a banana or something on to them.
  • Pre-make some date balls. They will be fine in your suitcase and then keep them in your fridge at the hotel. Here are a couple of recipes from my blog.. Cacao and vanilla balls and Chia superballs
  • Medjool dates.. a perfect snack and full of fibre.
  • Take some superfood powder sachets.. It can be exhausting travelling with kids so I take these to put into a smoothie for an energy boost!
  • I also freeze things like grapes as a healthier alternative for ice lollies.

There is also an app/website called Happy Cow that can help you find vegan/vegetarian restaurants wherever you are..

I always write a note that says ‘my son has …… allergies’,  ‘my son has had an allergic reaction’ and ‘my son has had an allergic reaction, please can you take us to hospital’ in the countries language.. obviously most places speak english but just in case you were somewhere and they didn’t understand you its always better to be prepared.

Another thing I do is, I get his medicine split into two bottles.. a 100ml to put in my suitcase and then a 50ml to take in my hand luggage. Just incase he was to have a reaction whilst thousands of miles up in the air. You can also take some of the items listed in your hand luggage on the plane i.e. the superballs, medjool dates and trail mix.. then you know you have some healthy snacks to hand.

If your child has allergies I would love to hear from you.. You can comment below this post.

Maybe you have some tips you could share with me?

I hope this helps, I know travelling/outings can be stressful when your child has allergies.

Have fun experimenting with the local fruit and veg from the markets and have a great holiday!!!

Love and sunlight

Tanya xoxo

Oh.. and please share this post with anyone that it could help 🙂

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