Tanya’s Healthy Vegan Pop up Restaurant



Hola beautiful ones!! Just a quick blog post to share how excited I am! :-)) So, this weekend just gone, i did my first ever pop up restaurant. It was amazing! It was a massive challenge for me as i haven’t done anything like this before, but now there is definitely more to come. I feel really passionate about awakening people to healthy, nutritious food. Food that isn’t full of salt, preservatives, sugar and all other nasties. I want to give people the ultimate healthy eating out experience.

I’m not technically a trained chef, i completely taught myself how to make the food i do now. If you’ve read my ‘About me’ section then you’ll know that i wasn’t particularly healthy before. I mean.. seriously i lived off take-aways, chocolate and eating out. Yes i loved that kind of food but on the rare occasion i eat something like that now, it just doesn’t taste like real food and well.. that’s because it isn’t haha.

My food is about health and what is gonna make you feel good. I served a 3 course plant based meal with big portions but EVERYONE cleared their plates and not one person felt uncomfortable after. Did they feel full? Yes they did but they also felt energised and nourished. Loads of nutrients going in, which is what i believe in. Count nutrients.. Not calories.

I will keep you posted on what i do next! Exciting stuff 🙂

Food made with Love.. aka Vitamin L

Much love

Tanya xoxo

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