Sweet Treats Ebook

Tanya’s Sweet Treat book is wonderful, full of beautiful recipes and beautiful photos. It shows how sweet/treats/deserts and healthy don’t have to be separate, they can be one and the same. The work gone into making such delicious and beautiful recipes that are easily made at home is tremendous and I’m so so happy to have the book.

Darren Danks


Tanya’s book is bursting with colour and easy to follow recipes. Sweets are great in moderation but these vegan treats will leave the guilt out of those pleasurable moments. You can rest assured that kids with sensitivities will be able to enjoy a dessert just as much as everyone else. I guarantee the adults will also be sneaking in a bite or two themselves.

Leila Jeha


Tanya’s new book is amazing with new recipes I would never have discovered, it’s incredible value and fun and tasty for whole family and all those with a sweet tooth.

Charlie Hine


Tanya’s sweet treats ebook has been a godsend. I’m a promotional model so over indulging is somewhat of a sin. So to find Tanya’s recipes that are free from dairy and processed sugars, i can happily munch away.

Amie Johnston


This is the most amazing collection of recipes for delicious, healthy treats I have seen. Looking through it, I found a tear of gratitude in my eye for the awesome job this lady has done. Never mind allergies, this stuff is delicious and have I mentioned it is less than $5?!

Sue Lyndes


Loved the easy to do recipes that are mouth-watering delicious.

Carla Davis


Tanya’s website has been a firm favourite of mine since it launched. So when I saw that she was releasing a book full of goodies that were healthy I bought it immediately. Tanya’s Sweet Treats is a game changer, it shows you that healthy really does mean tasty.

Rachael Phillips


3 Day Detox

I thoroughly recommend Tanya’s 3 day detox. It was easy to follow, I never felt deprived of food and it introduced me to healthy food practices that I have continued to incorporate. I have carried on having the green smoothies at least twice a week, surprising as these were something which I did not even think I would like, but ended up loving, and I am a total fan of frozen bananas now! I primarily did the detox because I was suffering from a permanently bloated and sore stomach. The detox completely sorted this out, my stomach was flat and comfortable even just 2 days in and on the whole has continued to stay that way. It made me more aware of my triggers, which has meant I know what to have in moderation to avoid a flare up. In addition, I felt like I had more energy, an improved mood and felt “clean” inside. As an added extra, I lost a bit of weight. Although this wasn’t my primary aim, it was a nice bonus nonetheless! This detox is a great way to re-set the balance and bring a boost of much needed nourishment into your routine.

Leanne Ingram


I’m a second time mum to a newborn baby and there was no way, as well as being sleep deprived that I could have done a detox that involved food deprivation too! Tanya’s detox is crammed full of yummy healthy foods, including snacks! The recipes are quick to make – essential at this time in my life! Despite having less than an hour of sleep, I felt fresh, alert and clean. As an added bonus I lost 3lbs and learnt some tasty recipes that I have continued to use. I recommend this 3 day detox to everyone looking for a shot of goodness!!

Rebecca Hastings


I love this detox!
The flavours and combinations are mouthwatering. My favourite is the kale and black bean salad and the avocado stuffed peppers which I now eat regularly. I love starting my day off with the green smoothies, I feel energised and refreshed. There is plenty of food throughout the day and therefore I don’t get hungry. I would highly recommend this detox plan to anyone wanting to get healthy and replenish their body of vitamins!

Alexandra Marcantonio


Thank you Tanya for all of your help and advice. After doing your 3 day detox I felt like I had much more energy and rejuvenated. I have since used many of the recipes in my daily routine, in particular my daily green juice and the raw pad Thai. The juice is a fab way to start the day and since becoming pregnant my energy and iron levels have been great. I’m convinced it’s due to my daily juice, I’ve also managed to cut out caffeine and work full time! I am allergic to nuts and Tanya has been great at helping me with nut-free healthy snacks that are super easy to make and taste great, I look forward to trying your energy balls during labour and thanks for the breastfeeding tips. I feel like I’m starting armed with lots of nutritious snacks to help me through. Thanks again xx



6 Week Program

Everyone would worry when they have to have an operation. Especially if that operation is to do with your digestive system. The heeling process is slow as it’s a working organ that you’re putting under constant strain. Having met Tanya before my operation I had 6 weeks of her guidance with food and nutrition before I went into hospital.
I took all of her knowledge into my recovery period. Tanya’s care and guidance on choosing the right foods to heal and protect me from infection were compelling.
Not only was I heeling rapidly, I felt positive and rested.
I was given two sets of pharmaceutical drugs lactulose and fiber gel, I’ve been advised to take them for 6 to 8 weeks. Fiber gel contains aspartame so there was no way I was going to take that on a daily basis.
Luckily with Tanya’s recipes I’ve been able to keep on track with my fiber staying away from chemically laded products and opting for delicious plant based recipes.
I had to change my diet due to health reasons, Sometimes I’m drawn to the neon lights of fast food, unfortunately we’ve been brought up with this around us and we’re to think its normal to indulge in a burger fries and large fizzy drink.
Once cleansing your body with nutritional foods after eating the above you’d soon regret the copious amounts processed sugars. Dizziness and bloated will be your new best friend.
I’ll be sticking to my healthy eating, with thanks to Tanya.



Tanya’s health and nutrition plan has really helped me too see that ready meals and pre packed food is not the answer . Following the plan your mood changes you feel fuller and have so much more energy .
As all you people with kiddie winks know it’s hard to find energy when your children are up through out the day and night but eating wisely and making small changes really do help .
Tanya sends you some inspiring messages by email and to your personal phone so you can look back on it when your having a bad day .
The recipes are easy to follow so there’s no excuses  !! I’m no cook but even I can do it .
If any one feels sluggish down in the dumps and needs inspiring Tanya is perfect for the job so try her plan your never alone.





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