Sushi Bowl

sushi bowl

If you are a lover of sushi but can’t quite get the hang of making it, then try this sushi bowl… It’s quick and easy to do and there’s no fiddly bits.. It’s full of flavour and totally nutritious.

Seaweed is very high in iron, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin B-12.

What you need:

  • Nori sheets
  • carrots
  • avocado
  • cucumber
  • brown rice

What to do:

Boil the rice as you do.. Chop all the ingredients and put into a bowl et voila!..

I’ve used a vegetable peeler to get carrot ribbons. Cut the nori sheet into strips, it will wilt when you mix it with the other ingredients.

Make a dressing using..

  • dijon mustard
  • apple cider vinegar
  • tamari soy sauce

This sushi bowl is full of flavour.. Give it a try and let me know what you think!! Tag #tanyashealthyliving on Instagram so I can see your photos 🙂

My son loves this too so I will be making some for his school lunch box..

Much love

Tanya xo

P.S – You will find Nori sheets in health shops or you can order off amazon 🙂


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