Superfood Powders

I often get asked what my favourite superfoods are. Although I do like to mix it up and try different ones,  I do have a few firm favourites.

Which are…

Maca powder

Maca comes from a root in Peru. It is rich in iron, calcium, vitamin c, b vitamins and amino acids. It is brilliant for balancing hormones. I also particularly use it when I’m in need of an energy boost. It has a bit of a nutty taste. I actually really like the taste of maca and use it in smoothies or stirred into porridge, chia pudding and mousses.


Cacao is raw chocolate, straight from the cocoa bean before it gets destroyed and mixed with crap. It’s a very high source of magnesium and antioxidants. Packed with vitamins and minerals. It can help support a healthy heart and lower blood pressure. As I am a huge chocolate lover this is probably my favourite because it means I can make things… chocolatey 😉 lol.


This replaced Spirulina in my smoothies because it tastes much better!! It’s rich in antioxidants, has tissue protecting properties, acts as an anti-inflammatory,  helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol, supports brain health with a high content of vitamin C and E, helps restore enzymes, antibacterial, also high in iron, calcium and protein.

Use in green smoothies, smoothie bowls, mix in with nana ice cream or make a moringa latte.

Fo-Ti (He shou wu)

Wow.. well the first few times I had this it seriously made me buzz. My energy level was like speed lol. As my body has got used to it, I now don’t get so hyper but it is amazing! Talk about an energy booster!!

This is used a lot in Chinese medicine and is a very powerful herb.

It is amazing for longevity, protects your DNA, enhances spiritual awareness, balances hormones, calms the nervous system, increases sexuality and sex drive, improves brain function, boosts your immune system, high in iron, strengthens red blood cell membranes, good for skin/hair and also good for your liver.

I find this tastes best when had with something chocolatey like a chocolate smoothie, hot chocolate or with coffee. Try adding a teaspoon to this chocolate smoothie bowl recipe.


This is my newest addition to my favourite superfoods. I was totally amazed when I read up on this as the benefits to this powder are outstanding!

It produces collagen – you know… the secret for glowing, wrinkle free skin.. Collagen works with vitamin C to build healthy tissues and is vital for skin health. MSM helps your body to produce and maintain collagen and therefore keeps your skin looking radiant.

It also detoxes your body and has the ability to break up bad compounds in your body. Strengthens hair and nails, can help treat skin conditions like eczema (my son gets eczema sometimes so I now add a bit of this to his smoothies and his skin is much better), gives you energy, reduces inflammation, balances blood sugar, maintains the bodies pH level, can help with muscle pain and can even reduce allergic reactions!! That is the one that I am most impressed with.. as you may know my son has food allergies. I wanted to get this into his diet to see if I could reduce them. Now I can’t say 100% it is because of MSM but.. his allergies are much better these days. I don’t have to worry so much if he sneaks a chocolate bar or a bit of cake.




The easiest way to add these superfood powders to your diet is to simply add them to a smoothie.

At first you may be a bit put off by the price of superfoods, but they are so worth it and last for ages. You only need to use small amounts each time.

Give them a try and let me know what you think.

Peace and super love

Tanya xo

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