Nourish your Soul – A busy mums guide..



Nourish your soul.. Hmm, now.. the whole self care thing is big at the moment, you know the.. look after yourself first, treat yourself, relax, take time for you yada yada.. Well, if you’re a mum like me, yes.. in hindsight all that is correct, but if you’re a mum.. especially us single parents, we know that, that shit is easier said than done when you don’t have kids hanging off you and calling you every 30 seconds.

I mean.. us mums can’t do anything in peace can we, so the whole self care thing, as much as I would love to go and have a nice peaceful bath, sit down and watch my favourite tv programmes, paint my nails without then being covered in nail varnish, mindfully eat my dinner etc etc.. that shit just ain’t happening….

I actually had to coach myself on this as I suffer with stress and anxiety. I am B U S Y and have little time to get all my to-do list done. This was resulting in me actually wasting time, because once I’d dropped my son off at nursery I’d have 2.5 hours to get shitloads done, I wouldn’t know where the hell to start, I’d get anxious and then end up not doing anything.

Kids take up a lot of time but I’m on a mission.. there’s blood, sweat and tears a lot of the time so I had to take a step back and think about what I preach. You can’t serve from an empty cup can you, and this was something that I kept trying to do. Now don’t get me wrong, it takes practice, there’s still days when I cry to my other queen over at Wear Your Crown Yoga that I’m trying to juggle and be mindful and I’m tired as fuck, but I have managed to find a way of staying sane and helping my light stay intact.

Here’s some of my tips..

  • Tune in with yourself and think about what feeds YOUR soul. Not what other people want you to do. Your soul is YOUR soul. We all have a deep knowing inside of what truly lights us up and makes us feel good. This could be nature (mine, obvs), salsa dancing, kick boxing, volunteer work, horse riding, whatever floats your boat. Make it a meeting with yourself once a month to do exactly that. Do it more than once if you can but make it so its an important meeting with yourself that you absolutely cannot let yourself down. You wouldn’t not turn up to meeting would you, so turn up for your meeting with yourself.
  • Know that, it’s ok if you have a bad day.. There’s always another day, you are always going forward.
  • Stretch in the mornings to get your blood circulation going. I sleep most nights on the edge of bed with a small human sprawled out on the rest of the bed and still with his legs and arms over me, so my back, neck and shoulders usually hurt in the mornings. Doing a few simple stretches always sorts me out and releases tension.
  • Eat lots of spinach and kale.. seriously this started me on my journey of wellbeing. It works wonders, if your diet isn’t the best then this is a great way to start. Add spinach and kale to smoothies.. you could try this one pineapple green smoothie, add it to salads, stir fries, absolutely everything. It will definitely give you a boost as it is so good for you.
  • Eat chocolate! There’s no denying us ladies love chocolate, so eat it! Here’s some healthier versions.. chocolate caramel balls, chocolate fudge brownies, the best chocolate smoothie, chocolate pudding.
  • Dance.. Stick a tune on and dance around your kitchen. You don’t need a babysitter for that one.
  • Breathe. Deep breaths. Inhale the good shit.. Exhale the bullshit.
  • Be compassionate and go with the flow. This really helps my zen. With finding love for everything it made me much more peaceful.
  • Respect yourself and know that you deserve respect from others.
  • Find a mantra that you like and that you resonate with. Say it to yourself a few times a day and when you get into bed. Then if you ‘don’t have time’ for meditating, you are still connected to spirit and your soul. My favourite one is ‘Om Nama Shivaya’. Ever since I did a workshop with Rebecca Campbell, we used that mantra and I had a crazy strong energy experience with it, so I stuck with it. It means ‘I bow to my inner self’.


If you need some help with your wellbeing, I offer 1:1 coaching.. Feel free to contact me 🙂

Love and soul food

Tanya xxx

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