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Health is not just the food that we eat. Health is a lot more than that, looking at our health holistically is in my opinion.. very important. We have become very disconnected from our natural being. Our wellbeing has been drowned out by stress, addiction and illnesses. We forget that we are part of nature, we don’t take enough time to connect with the earth and breathe fresh air. We are surrounded by electro magnetic fields, toxins and pollution.

If you are not in a healthy state of mind it affects everything, it will certainly affect the decisions that you make. Whether that be food choices or life choices, it all has a knock on affect. Mind Body Spirit.

We are all different, unique . We are all physically, emotionally, genetically different.

Our experiences and circumstances in life make us who we are. We should truly listen to ourselves to be  in balance mentally and physically.

We must also remember the power of our minds. Being positive in our thoughts is essential. If we feed our minds with negativity it will show in our daily actions and the decisions that we make. Your thoughts play a massive part in creating your life.

We need to respect ourselves time for healing and time for resting. Acknowledge your feelings and emotions. Meditation, walking, sleeping, getting massages are all good for self care and healing. Meditation helps us hear our own questions and answers. A walk in the countryside spending time in nature helps us to connect with mother nature, our true home.

Our bodies need sleep so they can recuperate and relax. They also love contact with other humans so get plenty of hugs and massages to release the happy hormones.

Looking at alternatives for pharmaceuticals, for example Essential Oils. Essential oils were around for medicational and healing purposes way before the pharmaceuticals around now. The oils come from bark, seeds, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants.

Exercise, doing things that we enjoy. Exercise should be to celebrate what our bodies can do, not punishment. It is also another natural way of releasing the happy hormones.

Spiritual healing is also something else to look into as we are spiritual beings. Everything is energy. We are vibrating. We have seven energy centres in our bodies called Chakras. When our energy centres get blocked, spiritual and energy healing is much more powerful than any drug. Reiki, Reflexology, Sound baths and Acupuncture our powerful energy healers. They will help your body get into flow with itself.

Making better food choices is also good place to start when changing your lifestyle. With healthier food comes a clearer mind and more energy. Even if you just take small steps with cutting down on your meat intake and takeaways. Drinking herbal teas, plenty of water, raw vegetables and adding superfoods such as Moringa to smoothies.

If we are more conscious with ourselves. If we really respect the connection between mind body spirit our wellbeing will be in much better overall health.

Much Love

Tanya xo


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