Every now and then I have to take a breath and coach myself. In our fast pace lifestyles our wellbeing is something that can be forgotten. Kids, social media, emails, work, every day things can easily take over. It does with me, and then I start to feel stressed and have a low mood.

So.. when things start to get on top of me, I remember what I coach to others and the little things that help us but aren’t massively overwhelming.

This manifesto is something that I share with clients. It is a way of introducing things into our lives but without strict rules. By doing these little things every day or weekly we can crowd out the bad things that make us feel run down.

So here it is..


  • Connect with nature
  • Eat more raw foods
  • Have a green smoothie every day
  • Connect with my breath
  • Dance and move my body
  • Eat less animal products
  • Drink lots of water
  • Meditate
  • Chew my food well
  • Make time for fun
  • Eat less processed sugar
  • Be kind to myself and others
  • Do more of what makes me happy
  • Count nutrients and colours, not calories
  • Set boundaries.. I can say no
  • Eat greens everyday
  • Ask myself daily questions like.. ‘Am I being the best I can possibly be?’ and ‘What isn’t serving me well?’
  • Use natural skincare products as our bodies absorb everything we put on our skin
  • Love my body and what it is capable of


These really are simple things that can make a huge difference.

Nature is important, we are part of nature, our relationship with nature needs to come back in to the picture. Without trees we cannot live. It is important that we take time to slow down and appreciate the beauty around us that supplies our oxygen, many medicines and is the driving force of life. Nature can survive without us but we can’t survive without nature. Pollution and electro magnetic fields are having a massive effect on our physical and mental wellbeing. Connecting back with nature is incredibly revitalising and should definitely be part of if not daily then weekly routine.

Eating greens, having a green smoothie and eating more raw foods help to crowd out bad foods.

Asking ourselves questions.. What isn’t serving me well? You might respond to yourself by saying.. Too much wine, not enough sleep, too many takeaways etc. In which case you can then acknowledge your answer and make a conscious choice to make a better choice.

Am I being the best I could possibly be?.. By asking ourselves these questions we become more aware of it. If the answer is no, then what could you do to change that?

Setting boundaries.. We often get caught up in trying to please everyone and doing a million things for everyone else. IT IS OK TO SAY NO!!

Chew your food well, help your digestive system do its job.

Love your body and what it can do.. Think about it, do we ever take time to thank our bodies and for what it does for us every day. We spend too much time criticising ourselves, how about we change that in to thanking ourselves. Thank our hearts for beating, our hands so we can touch/feel/write etc, our feet for helping us stand up, our legs for walking, our tongues so we can taste, our ears so we can hear, our brains for helping us to function, our intestines/pancreas/liver that digest our food.. You get the idea. There are millions of things going on in our bodies to keep us alive and without these functions we wouldn’t be able to do so many things. It’s time to be grateful for that and not be so hard on ourselves for wobbly bits or whatever.


Try incorporating these things in to your life and let me know how you get on!

If you need more help I can 1:1 coach you, just send me an email 🙂

Much love and light

Tanya xo

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