Green Smoothies


I love green smoothies I do! I think that a daily green smoothie should just be a way of life. It’s simple really, I mean look at all the goodness you get in one go. If your trying to be healthier, live a busy life or aren’t a particular fan of healthy stuff, then by quickly blending up a load of green veggies and drinking it, is a way of ensuring you get some vitamins, antioxidants and all that jazz..

I usually just throw in whatever i’ve got in the fridge. This morning it was a mix up of Coconut water which is loaded with Potassium, Kale, Cucumber, Banana, Orange, Pear and Strawberries. So many phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals going on in there plus all the fibre.

So lets have a look at some of the health benefits of blending up your fruit and vegetables shall we..

Blending food is valuable because it breaks fibre down, which makes digestion easier as the entire premise behind digestion is turning our food to liquid, this also obviously provides a healthy rest for your digestive system..

Beings as the food is already broken down there is a fast and easy absorption of nutrients.

It strengthens your Immune system.

Increases your energy levels, and the natural sugar from the fruit will keep your blood sugar balanced, unlike the sugar from a chocolate bar which gives you extreme highs and lows.

You’ll have clearer thinking ability because of the alkalising effects in our blood.

Green smoothies are low in calories but fill you up because of all the water and fibre, so ideal if your trying to lose some weight.

And your hair and nails will be nice and strong and your eyes and skin will be glowing.


Therefore I think you have to agree that green smoothies are amazing for health, energy and mental clarity.

Try making it a daily ritual to have one and see how much better you feel in a matter of days..

Tanya xx


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