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This week I did my first ever juice cleanse. I feel a bit of a lightweight that it was only for a day, but as it was my first ever one it was good to start off being gentle on myself lol.

I’ve been wanting to do a juice cleanse for a while but i’d put it off because of the fact I breastfeed my son and well.. because I love eating..

So this week I had the pleasure of trying Fruveju’s Explore cleanse. Wow.. their juices are so yummy. It’s a great way to flush those toxins out and get plenty of nutrients into your body quickly. I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t find it easy, I’m not used to not eating lol. I found that mid-morning was the hardest for me, I started craving Dominos pizza and fish and chips and all naughty things that never usually appeal to me anymore.

I also made sure that I chose a day to do it on that I didn’t have my boy, so then I knew I wouldn’t have the breastfeeding demands because that always makes me hungry, and I would probably end up being a right grump or giving in.

Anyway, I enjoyed my first two juices, no problem, not feeling hungry at all, but then out of nowhere these cravings popped into my mind and I wanted to eat everything. I tried making myself a cup of green tea to try and curb the cravings but for some reason which I think was my blood sugar going crazy because of the caffeine, I didn’t feel too great. However it soon passed and then I got into the swing of it.

I drank my next juice slowly over about 40 minutes and all my cravings went. For the rest of the afternoon that’s what I did.. I kind of forgot about hunger because by the time I had drank the juices and had some water it was time for the next one.

The mid-afternoon juice was a spicy one. How clever!! It was exactly what I needed.. it had cayenne pepper in it and it gave my taste buds a right kick.

All the juices are well thought out because each one seemed to be exactly what I needed at the time.

The last one.. Cashew milk was absolutely divine. I think that was probably my favourite. I always want something sweet in the evenings so this totally hit the spot.

I must admit that I did feel really tired by the evening having not eaten but that’s fine.. i just went to bed..

So, my tips for if you’re doing a cleanse are..

  • Try to eat as healthy as possible a few days before you plan to do it, so that its not a major shock to the system.
  • Drink plenty of water between juices to balance your blood sugar.
  • Don’t pass out. If you need to eat something then eat some raw veggies.
  • Drink the juices slowly.
  • Don’t drink caffeine.
  • Take it easy.. although I must admit I did feel pretty energetic but it’s good to let your body cleanse and recharge itself.
  • Go to bed early so you’re not tempted to pick at things.
  • Do it with a friend so that you can cheer each other on.



The next day which was a Friday which is also known as food shop day in my house, I thought i’d be wanting to stuff myself silly with naughties as that’s what my mind was telling me on Thursday morning. However.. not in the slightest! I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I’d be and I was actually craving all healthy stuff and more juice. Seriously!

I know there is a lot of debate on juicing but I see it as a way of giving the digestive system a break and getting plenty of nutrients to your cells to reboot your body.

This particular cleanse from Fruveju ( There are different levels of intensity of cleanse’s but this one was a beginners one. It came with 2 green juices.. now I love my green juices anyway but if you’re new to green juice this definitely tastes nice so it won’t be a struggle to drink. There’s also 2 pretty coloured ones.. Watermelon and a Beetrooty one. Theres a spicy lemonade which kind of reminded me of Tabasco but in a good way, it was really warming which was great and got rid of any food thoughts that were creeping into my head. And lastly as mentioned before is the cashew milk.. ahhh I’m wanting more just thinking about it.

All in all Fruveju get’s a thumbs up. It’s always good to revitalise.. maybe one day i’l be brave enough to do a more intense one 😀

Love and juice

Tanya xxx

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