Coach Yourself To #bossbabe

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Coach yourself to #bossbabe

Life is challenging. We all have our struggles but how do you want to live your life? Everybody has potential. Do you want life to pass you by and then wish you’d done more? Or do you want to live life to the full and know that you did your absolute best.

You are totally up to you!! Here are my top tips for being the best version of you..

1. At times of stress ask yourself some questions..

What/Who is making me feel stressed?
What is not serving me?
Then ask yourself what you could do to change it..
Do you need to do less or more of something?

FYI – It is perfectly acceptable to distance yourself from people who drain you.

2. Spend less time on social media..
Social media is great but it is important to sometimes switch off.
It can sometimes make you feel shit if you find yourself comparing yourself to others constantly.
Remember people only show good bits and it is very easy for people to be fake.

3. Accept it is ok to have bad days.
Even positive, spiritual, shit glitter happy people have bad days.

4. Keep a food diary.
What am I eating/drinking that makes me feel crap? Food has a massive impact on how we feel!
What can I replace it with?
For example white pasta makes me feel bloated and sluggish, so I swapped it for brown rice pasta..

FYI – If you don’t like something you don’t have to force yourself to eat it.
Food is there for us to enjoy. There are plenty of nutritious foods. You don’t have to make yourself feel sick eating something that is not to your taste just because it is healthy.

5. Know how you work best..
Do you like to beat on your own drum?
Would accountability partners help you work better?

Are you a morning person or night owl?

6. Write down your thoughts, ideas and plans.
I bloody love a pretty notebook I do.. If you write it all down it also helps you to not forget too 😉

7. Finance.
Budget.. Cut back.. Priorities.
Do you need that night out or is there something more important you could use the money for?

8. Do something every day that helps your business or personal development.
It doesn’t matter how big or small.
Five minutes of meditation, reading, research.. anything at all.
9. Step out of your comfort zone.
Even if it makes you sweat, feel sick, cringe.. Whatever.. Outside of your comfort zone is where you learn, grow and achieve great things.

Tanya xo

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